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Jet Skiing in the Maldives

When visiting the Maldives, there’s a guarantee of warm weather and azure Indian Ocean. The combination is perfect for jet skiing. A jet ski is a large and stable motorized water vehicle that you sit astride as if you were riding a motor bike at sea. It can be a mode of transport to get from one island to another or it can be an adrenaline rush speed activity.

It’s a pastime that suits both young and old and therefore makes for a great deal of fun for the whole family. However, it is not available at all resorts in the Maldives as there are certain risks between motorised water activities and others which include diving and snorkelling. Those resorts which do offer jet skiing take all the necessary safety precautions for both those enjoying the ride and those in the ocean.

For safety purposes, choose a resort that has particular guidelines for jet skiing that is far from the divers, snorkelers or swimmers. The age limit for jet skiing generally is that drivers must be over the age of 18.

To jet ski responsibly, when looking for a resort that offers jet skiing ask the following questions:

  • Are they equipped with life-jackets?
  • Do they take an environmentally friendly approach to the water sport?
  • How loud are they?
  • Will they disturb the marine life or other holiday makers?
  • Do they come with a guide?

Atmosphere Kanifushi has thrilled many a visitor with their Jet Ski excursions. With the island being about 2km long, you are able to be on the water without disturbing other guests or harming marine life.

The award winning Kurumba resort in the Maldives is one of the resorts which aim at providing jet skiing facilities that are environmentally friendly, with modern craft that have both low emissions and noise levels. Kurumba have a water sports centre with various packages including jet skiing along with a number of different activities or on its own. Exploring aboard a jet ski offers you the opportunity to visit more remote islands, not accessible by any other craft. Kurumba uses experienced guides who offer excellent direction, ensuring an exhilarating water experience which is both safe and memorable.

Extreme Maldives also offers a number of water sport activities that are ideal for those wanting an adrenaline rush. Operating out of the Sheraton Hotels, they include jet skiing as an option. You can ride around the resort within their demarcated area or make use of a tour guide to take you further afield to explore uninhabited islands.

If you are at a resort that does not offer jet skiing as an activity, you may want to visit an island that does. Maafushi island is 26km from Male and offers amazing a number of activities including jet skiing.

These are just some of the options available for jet skiing in the Maldives. You won’t have to go far to get access to this super fun activity but do remember to respect your safety, those around you and the environment.Jet Skiing Maldives Jet Skiing