About us

We believe in elegance in luxury. We believe in quality over quantity. Most of all, we believe in personalized touches, and the little things that count the most. With this philosophy, Alpha Maldives commenced operations. Alpha Maldives prides itself for being The Luxury Travel Specialist in the Maldives offering worldwide clients with the best travel advice, meeting each of their individual travel wishes and needs. We bring to you the most stunning holidays and honeymoon destinations, and the world’s finest collection of luxury resorts that Maldives has to offer. Alpha Maldives is a locally based Tour Operator, with a vast clientele from across the world. Together with our sister company Maldives Yacht Support we explore the endless prospects that our turquoise waters have to offer. Currently the only Tour Operator in Maldives to be recognized by world-renowned yachting companies, Alpha Maldives incorporates luxury yachting experiences into its top-notch services for its high-end market.

Our personalized holidays are the epitome of creative engineering and travel expertise coupled with extensive market research. Regular visits and ratings by our very own travel consultants ensure that the destinations we pick for you are precisely the one you have in mind. Having been in the luxury holiday industry for many years, we work alongside nothing short of the finest resorts in the Maldives. Be it honeymoon packages, luxury holiday retreats, or family vacations, our policies are designed to value our clients’ personal preferences first and foremost. With Alpha Maldives, you truly have the freedom to experience travel like never before; its not just a holiday with us, it’s the ultimate travel experience wrapped up in a customized travel itinerary.

"Coming from a country surrounded by water, I have always believed marine tourism to be one of the limitless industries in the Maldives. As the founder of Alpha Maldives and Maldives Yacht Support, I have honed the best of what our turquoise waters have to offer.

I invite you to be a part of our venture, to experience luxury and serenity perfected by the touch of our team. We have cherry picked our partnering resorts to provide you with the most vivid travel palette that Maldives has to offer. We thank you for trusting in our team and giving us the opportunity to be a part of your stay in the beautiful Maldive islands."

Abdulla Waheed - Managing Director, Alpha Maldives

Vision & Mission

Alpha Maldives aspires to be the premium Tour Operator in the Indian Ocean. With that aim in mind, we continue to provide our worldwide clientele with innovative travel solutions, always providing the best possible products with the highest quality of personalized services ensuring that our clienteles’ travel experience like never before while being the best at it in the industry. We continue to expand in the industry, building stronger relationships with our business partners and authorities ensuring that the expectations of both our valued clients and partners are always met.

Our Core values

At the very heart of Alpha Maldives lies the passion for travelling and enthusiasm for ingenuity. In order to cater for the interchanging preferences of the world’s travel market, our team is in the continuous pursuit of the betterment of our services. We celebrate our authenticity and individuality within the travel industry of Maldives. We believe in our team, and our success largely relies on the seamless interdependency of our departments. We value our partners and respect their brands, and this is displayed in how we represent them to our clientele.

Our Commitment

Alpha Maldives promises you an unforgettable holiday experience beginning from the time you contact us to your departure from Maldives. Your satisfaction and customer loyalty lies at the heart of our efforts, we ensure that our clientele would receive nothing short of top-notch consultancy coupled with unparalleled professionalism. We go to great lengths to provide a second-to-none service to make your stay feel like home away from home. Rest assured, Alpha Maldives is determined to make your dream vacation a reality, and we assure you that you’ll leave us happy hearted and full of delightful memories to look back to.

Our Team

Our close-knit team consists of a handful of passionate travel enthusiasts working together with one goal, sharing the same beliefs. Our team constructs intricate travel packages, incorporating their background of international travel and vast knowledge of the industry. They are committed, versatile and diligent in their work, and ensure that all operations run smoothly. Incorporating staff from geographically diverse backgrounds into our team enables us to brainstorm and continuously thrive to achieve the best in what we do. The open door policy at Alpha Maldives ensures that everyone in our team is approachable, be it our Manager or even the Managing Director himself.

Our Team of Travel Experts

Our friendly Travel Consulting Team is always dedicated to provide the best service to our valued clients. They work together to understand and put the clients’ needs first and foremost. Having personally visited and experienced the services of partner resorts, our Travel Consultants are well connected with them and are always able to negotiate the best deals for our clientele. They profile each client, analyzing their preferences and travel demands, incorporating their travel expertise and personal touches in designing the client’s vacation. Once they receive an inquiry, the team immediately tends to the client without making them wait. They handle the client’s financial worries, paying attention to detail, assuring the best services.

Our Specialty

We take pride in offering you a selection of the crème de la crème of Maldives. Our well-seasoned Consultants will find you the best-fit vacation spot, tailor-made to meet your every expectation. We are well informed of the market, and constantly work to innovate and improve our services in order to make sure that our collection remains discerning, and up to date.

There is nothing better than a Consultant who can deliver incisively what you have in mind. Our multilingual highly experienced Travel Consultants are at your avail, to guide you through every step of the way. We interpret the little things you need and are keen to fulfill your little requisites. Our services are designed to keep you at ease. After your first booking with us, we maintain a record of your preferences down to every detail in order to simplify your booking procedure the next time around. We also have the very best of VIP services and promotions for our loyal and esteemed clients.

Being locally based gives us ample opportunity connect with our clients on a deep level. From receiving you at the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport after your long journey here with warm friendly faces, to accompanying you to your speedboat or seaplane, we go that extra mile to give you the ultimate comfort and extend the best service. We understand the struggle and strain of planning the perfect vacation, investing in it and returning home unfulfilled. Ours is a promise of value for money; have confidence in us that we will stop at nothing to make your dream a reality.


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