Why choose us ?

Portraying to you the finest lavishness with your best loved resorts and hotels featuring world class hospitality. We, Alpha Maldives , are amongst the chairing travel agencies in Maldives. Ushering the best in this diligence just a click away, we make it our priority to make your luxury travel experience unique and memorable.

Nothing better than a consultant who can deliver incisively what you have in mind. Our multilingual highly experienced travel consultants are at your avail. Our travel consultant manager will recommend you to a personal travel consultant, with whom you can talk to in your language, understand and connect with, making your travel experience the one you’ve longed for. Being situated right at the centre of Male’ city is our finest pro. From receiving our clients at the airport, to making sure they are plied with the best offers, via our potent bonds with the hotels and resorts, our sales and marketing team also makes sure you are rendered the best services, by interval based visits to all destinations.

Our collection, meticulously picked by our professional team, after careful analysis and scrutiny, consists of the finest luxury in the country. We pride in selecting right products which offer you variety and unparalleled voluptuary. Our well-seasoned consultants will find you the best fit, tailor-made to meet your every expectation. We know our product well, which we believe would pay off our clients. To make sure that our collection remains discerning, and up to date, it is our mission to personally monitor them. Greeting you on arrival at the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, our friendly, smiling faces will accompany you to your speedboat or seaplane, where you jaunt your way to your selected holiday destination. We also make opulent arrangements on request, for you to embark on your vacation plans. Our private and esteemed clients are entitled to the very best of the VIP services from the resorts too, as our sales and marketing team bonds are extended to our clients. Be assured to be at the receiving end of secured best offers, well deserved by our esteemed VIP guests.

We interpret the little things you want, a tad bit more and will be happy to cater to any special arrangement or request to make your holiday perfect. Our personal travel consultants are available and happy to fulfill your little requisites. Rooting from the reservations made, all through greeting and departing you off to your destination, till the end of your journey, Alpha Maldives gives in the best effort to make your stay feel like home away from home. Your satisfaction and customer loyalty lies at the heart of our efforts. We wish make each Maldivian experience astonishing.