Beach Resort & Spa
A serene retreat of tropical bliss in the Maldives, Hideaway Beach Resort and Spa, as the name depicts, is a portrayal of ...

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To let you get a tantalizing time in the Maldives resorts, our distinct offers are intended to satisfy its guests for inspiring and fun filled experiences. Plan an amazing holiday and we guarantee your joyful & tension relieved stay

  • Relish elated comfort, epicurean dinning and a host of exciting leisure activities

  • Twice voted 'Best Hotel in the World'. Discover stunning luxurious experience.

  • Stunning Indian Ocean View · Magic of CHI, The Spa Highlights: Sumptuous Themed Dinner, Villingili Golf Course

  • Best beach villa & best family accommodation in Maldives!

  • Nestled amidst tropical splendour. Escape to the luxurious comfort of one of the finest Maldives luxury resorts

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Our exclusive honeymoon offers will bring you everlasting vibes. The ultimate privacy in a luxury villa and endless beauty of the ocean
Spend an incredible holiday from the thoughtful holiday deals in our exceptional resorts, perfect for all.
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We offer luxury yachts for charter in the Maldives. Choose your favorite yachts and enjoy sailing across the Maldives!

Our Finest Resorts

From the award winning luxury holiday and honeymoon destinations worldwide, Maldives is known for its one of a kind private island resorts, offering guests a chance to enjoy the gorgeous white sandy beaches, and golden sunlight all year round. Situated in the Indian Ocean, the Maldivian islands are surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful reefs with coral gardens and dazzling marine life, which attract divers from all around the world, as well as newlyweds wishing to enjoy a romantic honeymoon in a dreamy location.

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