Maldives Holiday Yacht Charters

The Maldives is a beautiful collection of islands randomly scattered in the Indian Ocean making apace to the highest rated popular luxury yacht charter destinations. It has, no doubt, the silkiest waters to cruise across in one of these dream vessels. Maldives yacht charters take place in the northern hemisphere´s winter, the same time as the Caribbean, proving to be a very interesting and exotic alternative to this traditional location, adding that extra touch of luxury and adventure to any Maldives holiday or honeymoon!

Alpha Maldives can enhance your holiday or honeymoon package, by including a yacht charter. Various options are available, so make sure to speak to us to include this once in a lifetime opportunity and truly create your dream Maldivian retreat.

The Maldives provides luxury yacht charter holiday makers with a wonderful climate, superb beaches at times referred as best in the world, and amazing coves and lagoons. The Maldives is an archipelago consisting of 1,190 coral islands. Accordingly, there is exceptional scenery and natural beauty for the abundance of recreational activities and adventures. What better way to explore this paradise than an on-board luxury crewed yacht?

The Maldives contains radicals of 26 atolls in completely natural formation. This stretch across the equatorial band in a rainbow of luxurious jade green tropical vegetation and pristine soft white sands. Out on a Maldives yacht charter you will experience every possible shade of aqua and turquoise.

If you are interested in nature, marine life and diving then this is the place for you. This area of the world is characterized as amazingly unique underwater life and ecology featuring a world of dazzling coral gardens and ocean life. The remote and unspoiled Indian Ocean location currents as well as the year-round tropical climate ensures you a majestic experience.